What is a UK Pension Transfer Scheme?
The Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS) was established in the 2004 Finance Act in the UK. It enables those individuals who have left the UK, or are planning to leave the UK to migrate their UK pension entitlements internationally to a HMRC authorised pension trustee in an authorised jurisdiction.

A QROPS transfer offers flexibility with your income payments and payments in a currency where you reside, whilst also allowing you to decide on the types of investment funds that fit your own risk profile.

Why should I choose a QROPS?
QROPS give you more control over where your pension fund is invested, it allows you to consolidate a number of pensions into one and gives you freedom of when to take income from age 55years.

Furthermore, the remaining fund is left to your beneficiaries without any deduction of UK tax upon death.

What is the process?
Initially with your authority, we can trace all existing entitlements, establish up to date valuations and request a full schedule of benefits so we know exactly how your entitlements work. If you have a UK defined benefits pension we will work in conjunction with an FCA regulated pension transfer specialist and whilst taking into account your personal background and longer-term aspirations, we can provide the necessary regulatory oversight in New Zealand and the UK to enable you to make a prudent decision as to the right option in the future.

What are the key benefits of a QROPS through deVere New Zealand?

  • Funds passed to beneficiaries in full after death: after completing 5 full tax years of non-UK Tax residency
  • Your pension will no longer be liable to UK income tax or death charges of up to 45%
  • Access to your pension from age 55 years
  • Money transfers in GBP or NZD
  • Investment will be with a professional investment manager
  • International expertise from a local based company
  • Flexible choice of currency your pension can be paid in
  • Up to 30% pension commencement lump sum
  • Secure jurisdictions
  • Investment flexibility
  • Transparent charges
  • Succession planning
  • Pensions can be consolidated into one
  • Free from UK lump sum death benefit charge
  • Mitigation of Overseas Transfer Tax Charge

Please note: Any transfers to a New Zealand pension that has UK QROPS status after 9 March 2017 could be subject to a retrospective tax charge should you leave New Zealand and become resident in another jurisdiction within 5 years of the transfer. Professional advice should be sought.

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